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Terms & Conditions for Permitted Events

Event photography and use of images

Please note that the Events take place in public spaces and on the highways, images from the Events (including your image) may be collected during Events by media agencies and members of the public that the event does not control and has not authorised. Therefore, the collection of images by these third parties is outside our control and you must speak to those agencies directly if you have concerns.

We will authorise the taking of photographs, moving images, and the filming of the event for different purposes connected to the Events e.g. provision of event images to competitors, use on marketing, website, social media etc.

We cannot stop images of specific individuals being captured during the event by the official channels, but we will endeavour to control the use of these images if you object to your image being used in any way that causes you loss or damage or otherwise infringes your rights.

You may (1) notify us in advance of your race number asking that images captured are searched and deleted – and (2) notify us if you subsequently see an image of yourself that you consider causes you loss or damage or otherwise infringes your rights asking that it or they be removed. The event will, on a case by case basis, use its reasonable efforts to comply with your request, but note that individuals must be identifiable to the event and that we are not obliged to remove images of an individual where he or she is not the main or a dominant feature of the image e.g. spotting your own face in an image of a mass swim start would not entitle you to deletion.